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Pediatric Anesthesia Simulation for SRNAs
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06/16/2022 - CLOSED, 09/15/2022, 09/22/2022
John O'Donnell, Susan Kelly
Michael Neft, John O'Donnell 
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About the Course

This six hour pediatric simulation course is designed to provide a realistic, immersive experience in the management of common pediatric situations in nurse anesthesia practice.  Inhalation induction of anesthesia, key pediatric airway skills, problem identification and problem management are focal points of the course.  Additionally, a two hour nasal Fiberoptic bronchoscopy module for the pediatric patient is included.  This model leverages deliberate and repetitive practice approaches to ensure skill acquisition.  All students will be required to perform a minimum of 40 nasal Fiberoptic intubations and successfully pass a competency assessment prior to completion.

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