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NUR 1121 - Nursing Advanced Clinical Problem Solving
Course Abbreviation
NUR 1121 ADV
Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
06/06/2022, 06/08/2022, 06/10/2022, 06/20/2022, 06/22/2022, 06/24/2022, 09/22/2022, 09/26/2022, 09/27/2022, 09/30/2022, 10/03/2022, 10/04/2022, 10/05/2022, 10/06/2022, 10/07/2022, 01/25/2023, 01/26/2023, 01/27/2023, 01/30/2023, 01/31/2023, 02/06/2023, 02/07/2023, 02/08/2023, 02/09/2023, 02/10/2023
Gretchen Zewe
Patricia Tuite, Gretchen Zewe 
Linda Reid-Kelly 
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About the Course
This course focuses on the nursing management of the adult experiencing acute or complex illnesses with an alteration in multiple body systems. Principles of crisis intervention are integrated to design interactions for adult clients who have life threatening, physiological and possibly psychological problems. The student's ability to apply nursing process using critical thinking is expanded through classroom and clinical activities. Collaboration with interdisciplinary health professionals in health promotion and restoration is fostered.

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