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4th Year Medical Student Emergency Medicine Clerkship
Course Abbreviation
Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
12/02/2021 Day 2 of 6 (WISER-3rd Floor), 12/08/2021 Day 3 of 6 (WISER-3rd Floor), 12/09/2021 Day 4 of 6 (WISER-3rd Floor), 12/16/2021 Day 5 of 6 (WISER-3rd Floor), 12/21/2021 Day 6 of 6 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/03/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/06/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/13/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/19/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/20/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/26/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 01/31/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/03/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/10/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/16/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/17/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/23/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 02/28/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/02/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/09/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/16/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/17/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/23/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/28/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 03/31/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 04/06/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 04/07/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 04/14/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor), 04/20/2022 (WISER-3rd Floor)
Susan Dunmire
Adam Tobias 
Alexis Morris, Janna Nelson 
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About the Course
As part of the Fourth Year Medical Student Elective students are given the opportunity to treat life threatening problems in a simulated environment so that when they are faced with similar situations in their internship and residency, they know what to expect and how to provide safe care. They learn the skills necessary to be an effective team leader in crisis situations. Scenarios are accompanied by immediate feedback and are repeated until they are mastered.

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