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Anesthesiology Elective: Obstetrics
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05/23/2022 - CLOSED, 06/23/2022, 07/14/2022, 08/11/2022, 09/22/2022, 10/13/2022, 11/17/2022, 12/15/2022, 01/26/2023, 02/16/2023, 03/16/2023
William McIvor, MD
William McIvor 
Patricia Dalby, Huong-Tram Duran, Cynthia Kral, Grace Lim, Ryan Romeo, Susan Shelton 
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About the Course
This course covers topics in obstetrical anesthesia simulation for 4th year medical students. 
The goal of this course is to learn to provide anesthesia care for patients in labor who require a caesarian section. A review of the physiologic changes associated with pregnancy and their anesthetic implications is provided, as well as a review of the common anesthetic techniques utilized for labor analgesia and caesarian section. The course participants then actively manage a simulation of an emergency c-section for fetal distress.

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