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Central Venous Cannulation Training
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06/17/2022, 06/17/2022, 06/21/2022, 06/21/2022, 06/29/2022, 07/12/2022, 07/19/2022, 07/20/2022
Michael Mohr, MD, Ryan Romeo MD, Andrew Musits MD
Ryan Romeo 
Bianca Caruso, Cynthia Kral, Melissa Lukehart, Mackenzie Martin, Miranda Martin, Maggie Mrozinski, Janna Nelson, Sue Perri, Jessica Saunders, Susan Shelton, Jesssica Warnock, Carrie Yopp 
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About the Course
Course content focuses on proper Central Line placement, including the use of ultrasound guidance and manometry for locating and verifying venous access sites. The course includes a web based multimedia didactic emphasizing patterns of injury, site anatomy, CVC indications and alternatives, as well as complication recognition and corrective maneuvers. A hands-on practical component is then undertaken at WISER using partial task trainers to develop psychomotor skills for the placement of IJ, SC and Femoral lines. There is a strong focus on ultrasound use and sterile technique. Patient safety is emphasized at every opportunity.

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