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These are the courses offered at WISER. They are listed in alphabetical order. Select a course name below to find more information and signup for that course. Use the grouping options to group courses by specific criteria.

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Acute Congenital Heart Disease for Pediatric Residents (CHD PED RES)
Approach to the Pediatric Trauma Patient (PED TRAUMA )
Condition A or C: Ready or Not? (COND A/C: READY?)
First 5 Minutes: Pediatric Acute Care Emergency Recognition (FIRST 5 MIN: ACUTE PEDS)
First Responders Pediatric Intern Simulation Course (PEDS - FRISC)
General Pediatric APP Bootcamp (GEN PED APP)
How to Navigate Your Control Room (CONT RM NAV)
Introduction to Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (INTRO PED CCM)
Mock Code Program for Pediatric Trainees (PED TRN MOCK)
Multidisciplinary ECMO Education Program for CHP (ECMO CHP)
Neo Exchange Transfusion (NExTx)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Mock Code (CHP) (NICU CODE - CHP)
Neonatal Procedures (NEOPROCEDURE)
Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)
Neonatology SimNewB Instructor Course (NEOSIM INS)
Organized Care and Rapid Assessment of the Pediatric Patient (OCRAPP)
PCT & UT Care Training (PCT UT CT)
PED-NICU Simulation Scenarios (PED-NICU SIM)
Pediatric 7A/8B Crisis Recognition and Management (PED7A8BCRM)
Pediatric Acute Care Nursing Crisis Response Course (PEDACUCARENURS)
Pediatric Airway and Access for Adult Intensivists (PED ADULT SKILLS)
Pediatric Anesthesia Airway Course (PEDANESAIR)
Pediatric Anesthesia Airway Management (Peds CA2 CHP)
Pediatric Anesthesia Airway Workshop (Ped Anes Airway Wkshp)
Pediatric Anesthesia Crisis Management (PEDANESCRM)
Pediatric Cardiac Nurse Critical Thinking and Error Reduction Simulation Course (PEDCARDNURCRITERROR)
Pediatric Cardiology Resident Simulation (PEDS RES HEART)
Pediatric Case Management for Hospitalists (PED MGMT - HOSP)
Pediatric Crisis Recognition and Management (PED CRM)
Pediatric Critical Care Nursing (PED CCM NUR)
Pediatric Critical Congenital Heart Disease Clinical Simulation Course (PedCritHeart)
Pediatric Emergency Airway Management (PEAM WISER)
Pediatric Emergency Cases for Non-Pediatricians (PED EMCNP)
Pediatric Emergency Medicine In Situ Simulation (PSSC)
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ABCs for the Pediatric Resident (PICU ABC PEDRES)
Pediatric Intern Boot Camp (PED INT BOOT CAMP)
Pediatric Intern Procedural Skills Course (PEDS INT SKILLS)
Pediatric Multidisciplinary Critical Care Orientation (PEDMULTCCORIENT)
Pediatric Outpatient Medical Assistant Simulation Competency Course (PEDOUTPTMACOMP)
Pediatric PACU RN Critical Thinking and Responding to Post Anesthesia Complications ( PACU RN)
Pediatric Procedural Sedation for Nurses (PED PROC SED NURSE)
Pediatric Pulmonology Bronchoscopy Simulation Course (PEDPULMBRONCH)
Pediatric Respiratory Therapy Simulation Course (PEDRESPTHERSIM)
Pediatric Tracheostomy Care - Family (PED TRACH CARE - FAMILY)
Pediatric Trauma Care (PED TRAUMA CARE)
Response to Pediatric Allergic Reaction Emergencies (RESP PED RXN EMER)