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These are the courses offered at WISER. They are listed in alphabetical order. Select a course name below to find more information and signup for that course. Use the grouping options to group courses by specific criteria.

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Cell Salvage for Obstetric Hemorrhage During Vaginal Delivery (Cell Salvage OB- MWH)
Critical Care Skills Lab- Magee (CRIT CARE LAB- MWH)
Delivery of Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease (DEL CHD)
Difficulty Airway for APPs (DAM APP)
EXIT Procedure Simulation (EXIT SIM)
First 5 Minutes: Advanced Response Training (FIRST 5 MIN 1: ADV RESP)
First 5 Minutes: Module 1. What To Do Until the Code Team Arrives - Magee (FIRST 5 MIN 1: CTA - MWH)
Improving Emergency Response to Post Partum Hemorrhage (PPH RESP)
Medical Student Simulation Lab (MS SIM LAB)
MS3 OBGYN Clerkship Skills Lab (MS3 OBGYN CLERK)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Mock Code (MAGEE) (NICU CODE - MAGEE)
Neonatal Resuscitation Program - Magee Womens Hospital (NRP - MWH)
PACU Competency Day - Magee (PACU COMP DAY - MWH)
Shoulder Dystocia Management - Onsite (SHLDR DYS MGMT - ONSITE)
Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV Training - Program Evaluation (USG PIV - PRGM EVAL)