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Tom Dongilli

Tom Dongilli, AT, CHSOS

Thomas Dongilli AT, CHSOS, has worked in the healthcare simulation industry for over 24 years. Tom is the Director of Operations at the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER). In this role, Tom supplies operational leadership to WISER's main facility and its' 8 satellite centers. Prior to this role, Tom was the Chief Anesthesia Technologist for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). WISER has been providing simulation services since 1994. Tom has extensive experience in simulation center design, integration and operations. Has designed simulation centers both nationally and internationally. Some of Tom's published works include chapters in "A Manual of Simulation in Healthcare" and "Concepts, Trends, and Possibilities for Using Clinical Simulation in Nursing Education". Tom has authored many courses pertaining to simulation center operations as well. Courses include: TechSim (Simulation Operations Specialist Training Program), Designing Your Simulation Center and Operational Best Practices for Your Simulation Center. Tom's area of clinical interest is in the field on patient safety and identifying latent threats to hospitals and health systems. This work has led to the creation of the In-patient Crisis Response System Evaluation Program and the First 5 Minutes – What to do Until the Code Team Arrives training program. He also contributes expert knowledge and experience in the practical design, implementation, operation and monitoring of simulation based programs and medical learning systems.

Tom was the 2014 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare meeting co-chair. Tom has been an active member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare since its inception. Tom currently has a role in the following committees: Veterans Hospitals of Pittsburgh Simulation Steering Committee, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: Certified Simulation Healthcare Operations Specialist (CHSOS) Exam Prep committee and the SSH Meeting Oversight Committee. Tom was the lead author on the creation of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare's "Simulation Center Policy and Procedure Manual".